Premium Contemporary Style Stainless Steel Spindles

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Why are People buying our Premium Balusters?

Save Money

You will save money. Our Steel Spindles are stainless steel and will never rust. There will never be a need to replace these spindles. Read more….

Ease of Installation

Easy to install. Our balusters already come pre- measured. Just line them up and screw them down. Even great for stair railings! Read more….


Multiple installation styles

Unlike other metal deck Balusters, our Balusters can be installed flat against your railing or with the thin edge. Either way you choose, your balusters will look great. Read more….

                                           About the StratoSpindle by Steel Spindles LLC

 steel balusters, stainless steel balusOur premium StratoSpindles are the strongest steel spindles on the market.  Pull (push) forces exerted on StratoSpindles put the failure force in shear rather than pull.  It is takes nearly 5 times the amount of force to push out the Stratospindles than conventional metal deck balusters.  Cable systems can be dangerous as there have been incidences of children climbing them like ladders and falling off the rails.  With the geometry of the Stratospindles, the #16 Gauge stainless material is formed back on itself during the production process.  No cuts to hands or legs from sharp edges.  No slivers from wood.  Even are great for stair railings! They are the safest product in the market. 

       Steel Spindles StratoSpindle is the easiest product in the marketplace to install.  Each spindle simple butts against the next and is held with one hand while drilling in cabinet screws with the other.  A simple 1 person job.  If spindles are being installed to an elevated deck, it isn’t necessary to use a ladder as you would need to for wooden spindles or other metal deck balusters.  No reason to dangerously lean over to reach down either.  Also when you assemble the StratoSpindles to an incline (as with stair railings) you can simply hand bend the flange to whatever angle you need and then again, simply install by butting one spindle to the next.  If your deck spindles are being installed by a contractor, the labor costs should be much less than other spindle, glass, or cable products.   

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