About Steel Spindles

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      Steel Spindles LLC was formed in November of 2015 as a result of trying to find a low profile spindle to put on our deck. We had looked at different stores, looked online and researched spindle sizes and styles but nothing came close to what we were looking for.      

  We thought about glass panels because you could see right through them, but we did not want to have to clean them all the time. We looked into cables, but the installation looked to be time consuming and we were not to sure on how long they would last. Would we have to keep tightening them? We looked into wood but wood spindles just blocked too much of the view and would not last that long.

     The only balusters left were steel or wrought iron. We looked at a few and had decided (actually it was more like settling on) a spindle but wanted to make sure we had the right measurements before buying. It would take many spindles to accommodate the deck we designed. Having written the measurements down, (and after losing them when we returned home) it was then when thoughts of creating our own spindles came into play.

     Having many years of experience in fabrication made this a very possible endeavor. We designed the spindles to have easy installation, have little to no maintenance  and have a very low profile so we could see easily though the spindles.  

     It was not until after all the spindles were installed that it became obvious that we were not the only people who liked these spindles. Our spindles are now patent pending. 

      Our spindles were designed with the user in mind. They are easy to install, low on maintenance and very easy on the eyes. We hope you enjoy our Contemporary style balusters as much as we do.  About Steel Spindles about steel spindles, steel spindles, steel balusters, deck balusters, deck spindles, stratospindle