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Best Idea to keep Squirrels off your Bird Feeders!


squirrels off your bird feeders

Stop looking for different ideas on how to keep those squirrels off your bird feeders, especially the bird feeders on your Deck. Squirrels enjoy the bird food just as much and maybe even more than the birds. But they will make you crazy trying to keep them off. Once they know they have easy access to your bird feeder, they keep coming back more and more and soon, won’t even be afraid of you anymore. 

They grip onto metal pole and reach over and before you know it, they are actually sitting on the bird feeder making it difficult for the birds to get any food. 



We have your solution! It’s easy and it works! 

squirrels off your bird feeders, Steel Spindles, Stratospindle

A slinky (found at many stores such as walmart or Amazon) will solve your problem! Just attach the slinky onto the top of the bird feeder holder and let it fall to the deck railing. It only takes one or two attempts from a squirrel to try this slinky out, and they don’t come back. Interestingly, after their failed attempt, they come back and sit on the railing and look at the slinky, trying to figure out how they will get past it.  After the first day of the slinky, no more squirrels! 

This slinky idea works great for other types of hanging bird feeders also. Any stand or pole that will fit into the slinky will also work. Also, the bird feeders that you hang from a tree. As long as you hang the bird feeder far enough from the tree trunk (squirrels jump from the the trunk to the bird feeder), you can hang the slinky over your rope and will deter any squirrels from climbing down the rope.

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Squirrels off your Bird Feeders

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