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What Everyone Ought to Know About the StratoSpindle 


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       The StratoSpindle – the only premium stainless steel deck spindle that allows for multiple installation styles. Maybe you have never heard of the StratoSpindle or maybe you just aren’t sure on how it works. Either way, we’ve collected all the facts about the StratoSpindle that you ought to know. We are pretty sure we have thought of everything, but if we forget something make sure to add in the comments below.





1. Not Just For Decks – The StratoSpindle is so versatile that it is not just for decks. You can use this spindle just about anywhere that requires an enclosure with a railing. Some other places the StratoSpindles work well are on patios, stairways, balconies, pool decks, terraces, verandas, gates, borders, the skirting on a deck and catwalks.



Stratospindle is as thin as wire deck cables

2. As Thin As Cable Wire – The StratoSpindle is only an 1/8th of an inch thick. That is thinner than all other balusters and as thin as cable wiring for your deck.  Being so thin, when you look at the railing that is enclosed with the StratoSpindle, it feels like you are actually looking right through them, they don’t block your view in any way.




steel spindles, steelspindles.com, steel balusters, stainless steel balusters, deck spindles, deck balusters, metal balusters, metal spindles, contemporary balusters,3. Snow Flies Right Through The Spindles – In addition to not blocking your view, the StratoSpindle does not block snow or leaves when you are shoveling or sweeping off your deck. Snow and leaves just fly right through and don’t stick to them. Many times when you have a thicker baluster or glass panels and you are trying to clean off your deck, the snow or leaves just get stuck on the balusters, causing your view to be blocked.



4. Easy To Install – Installing the spindles only requires you to bend or straighten the edges depending on how you are going to use the spindle. If the ends are both bent, just place the spindle between the upper and lower railings and screw in place. The spacing is already provided for you at 3.75in between spindles (Code is less than 4in). If you are putting the spindles on an incline such as stairs, just bend the flange to fit the incline.



5. Corrosion Resistant – Stainless steel in general has a high resistance to corrosion, which means they are not going to rust. When using Stainless steel spindles or balusters outside on your deck or patio, it makes them easy to take care of, they last longer than other types of spindles or balusters, and they resist most types of hazards that comes in contact with them.



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6. Clean Contemporary Look – The StratoSpindle is very graceful and elegant. It gives any kind of platform inside or outside a modern and updated look. They also go well with other materials and blend together to give a complete look. You can definitely use wood handrails with StratoSpindles to give your railing a modern, but warm look. This also applies to composite railings that look like wood for outdoor spaces.




7. No Maintenance – The Stratospindle has no maintenance required. Once the spindle is installed you won’t ever have to paint, stain or varnish it. The StratoSpindle won’t rust or break and it won’t gather moss or fungus. The only time you would have to clean the spindle is if they were to get mud or dirt on them and then all you have to do is wipe it off with a wet cloth.



8. Easy To Remove If Needed – Just as easy as they are to install, is just as easy to uninstall. Say for example, you just can’t make the turn to get that appliance in your house because the spindles are in the way. Remove them and put them back in as you are done. There are not many other spindles that you can do that with.



Stratospindle is as thin as wire deck cables


9. A DIY Project – Installing the StratoSpindle is a Do It Yourself project. You won’t need an extra set of hands to install these spindles. One person can install these spindles by themselves.  This is great for reinventing your deck or patio if you want a new look. Just take out the old balusters and put in the new StratoSpindles.



10. Made of #16 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel – The StratoSpindle is made of quality stainless steel that is not going to rust over time. You can purchase the StratoSpindle in either in a stainless steel 2B contemporary finish or a stainless steel 8B mirror finish, which is shinier. Either finish will give your enclosure a wonderful look!



steel spindles llc return policy

11. 50 Year Warranty – We are so sure that you are not going to have any problems with the StratoSpindle that we have put a 50 year warranty on our product. This product will not fail you. You won’t have to worry about safety or corrosion and you won’t ever need to paint or stain your spindles




12. Affordable – While it may cost a little more to purchase our StratoSpindle than it would aluminum or wood, the StratoSpindle will outlast much longer than wood or aluminum, with little to no maintenance. Our prices our very competitive with iron, glass and wire cables and we don’t require additional fittings.  Also, they don’t take as long to install.



13. Never Needs Painting Or Staining – The StratoSpindle will never need painting or staining. In fact, painting could do more harm than good. By leaving the StratoSpindle unpainted, the clean contemporary look will always be seen and the condition of your spindles will always be good.



14. Resists Outdoor Fungus – Metals resist most moss or fungal growth, unlike wood balusters where moss will grow and start to rot the wood, stainless steel surface resists fungi. If your stainless steel baluster should somehow get some kind of fungi on them, simply wash them down with a wet towel and a mild cleaner. This is definitely a benefit of stainless steel balusters that builds it’s value over time.


Stratospindle is as thin as wire deck cables by Steel Spindles LLC


15. Reflects Surrounding Colors – The StratoSpindle has a wonderful finish on it that allows to reflect colors around it. If they are near the grass, you’ll see some green in the spindle. If they are up higher and it’s a sunny day, you’ll see some of the blue sky reflect off of them. This makes them very attractive and comfortable to be around.





16. Less Time To Install Than Other Balusters – With no additional fittings or time consuming measuring, the StratoSpindle can be installed in half the time than you would other spindles. There are no additional hole drilling and no additional parts to apply before putting on the spindle. You just butt up one against the other and drill it in.




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17.Can Be Hand Bent To Install On An Incline – One of the best features about the StratoSpindle is how easy it is to add them to your stair railings. Again, with very little measuring, you can install the spindle on an angle to fit the handrail and bottom rail with ease. There are no other balusters that can accommodate the stair railing as this spindle does.



18. Very Safe – The StratoSpindle will not give you cuts on your hands or legs from sharp edges or any slivers. They also will not break or bend. You won’t be able to push or pull the spindles once they installed and the spindles will not rust or rot. Stainless steel is actually one of the cleanest products you can use as it is very sterile.



19. Less Measuring During Installation – The StratoSpindle comes with a flange that extends out 3.75 inches. The required distance between spindles or balusters is no more than 4 inches. When installing your StratoSpindles, measure the full distance between posts to know how many spindles you will need. You won’t need to measure every 4 inches, just butt up each spindle next to each other and install.



20. Does Not Require To Purchase Additional Fittings – Some spindles and balusters require additional fittings such as end caps, sleeves for cable wire and baluster shoes. The StratoSpindle does not need any additional fittings. All that is needed is the 4 screws to screw down the spindle.



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21. Screws Are Included – The StratoSpindles are shipped with (4) special mounting screws per spindle that are bronze plated and provide a lovely look with the stainless steel spindles and wood substrate.  Like the StratoSpindles, these screws also carry a 50 year warranty.  These construction lag screws are sized at ¼” x 1-½” and are driven with a T25 6-Lobe drill bit commonly found at any hardware or home building store.  With the unique design to the screw shank threads, these screws take the lowest torque force of any wood screw on the market.  They’re the best!



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22. You Can See Right Through Them – Besides cable wire, you are not going to find a spindle as thin as the StratoSpindle. When you are looking at a railing with the StratoSpindle installed, it is as if you can see right through them. This makes the spindle a great asset as you can see your scenery clearer and you can be comfortable in knowing that you are protected from falling.




StratoSpindle is as thin as wire deck cables by Steel Spindles LLC


23. Converts into the StratoBaluster – The StratoSpindle is the only spindle on the market that can be used in more than one way. When you are using the spindle with the thin side facing out it is called the StratoSpindle. Should you decide to use the flat side facing out and not bend the flanges, we call that the StratoBaluster. Either way , they are going to look wonderful.





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24. Made in America – So many products are not made in the US anymore. Steel Spindles LLC takes pride in keeping business in the United States. When you purchase the StratoSpindle you can feel good about supporting a business and products that are produced in the United States.




25. 100% Recyclable – The StratoSpindle is 100% recyclable as it is made out of all stainless steel.  You won’t need to worry about hurting the environment with this spindle.





So there you have it!

25 great reasons on why the Stratospindle would be a great investment for your next railing project. Now you just to decide which finish to get them in. 


Wikipedia Stainless Steel 

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