Stratospindle is as thin as wire deck cables by Steel Spindles LLCOur Stainless Steel Balusters save you money because they last a lifetime, are virtually maintenance free and are faster and easier to install than regular balusters or cables. You’ll pay your contractor less time to install them, you’ll spend less time learning how to install them and you will never need to paint them or wash them. Not to mention, our stainless steel balusters are pretty competitive with the pricing of other contemporary style spindles and balusters.

Our Balusters/spindles have multiple installation styles. ¬†You can install them like a spindle and have them as thin as cable wiring… or you can install as a baluster, flat and directly onto to side of your railings. Either way you choose, the nearly maintenance free lifelong product will be a pleasant accent to your patio, deck or porch.

Installation of our balusters/spindles are designed with the user in mind. Our spindles are pre measured for a space of 3.75 between each spindle. You’ll want to measure the overall distance that you will be installing spindles on to find out how many spindles you will be able to install in a specific area. Once measured, you’ll be able to find out if you’ll need to shorten the spindle to fit in exact.


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