Steel Baluster FAQS 

The StratoSpindle or StratoBaluster Stainless Steel Baluster


1. What is the difference between the StratoSpindle and the StratoBaluster. Aren’t they the same product?

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Yes. they are the same product. The StratoSpindle is when you are using the product with the thin side facing out as in this image. The StratoBaluster is when you are the using the product with the wide side facing out. Pictures coming soon. The reason for the two names is for that when anyone is describing how they are using the product, they can reference either using it as a spindle or a baluster. Since this product has multiple installation styles, we felt giving these two types of installation names would help in identifying how to use the product.



2. What kind of screws should I use?

The StratoSpindles are shipped with (4) special mounting screws per spindle that are bronze plated and provide a lovely look with the stainless steel spindles and wood substrate. These construction lag screws are sized at ¼” x 1-½” and are driven with a T25 6-Lobe drill bit commonly found at any hardware or home building store.  With the unique design to the screw shank threads, these screws take the lowest torque force of any wood screw on the market. Stainless Steel screws are offered as well since many people like the look of the stainless screw on the stainless steel baluster as well. These screws are the same size as the bronze plated are provided  as an extra option when you check out.

bronze plated steel spindles baluster screwsstainless steel stratospindle screws

3. How many screws per spindle are needed?

2 on each end. 4 Total


4. Do the Spindles come in different colors?

No, our spindles do not come in different colors but they do come in 2 types of finishes.  8B Polished Mirrored finish and  2b Contemporary style finish. We suggest not having these spindles painted.


5. How many total StratoSpindles will you need for a deck job?

For deck spindle requirements simply add up all the distances between rail posts and divide by 3-3/4”.  The result is the number required for the deck itself. For stair spindle requirements simply take the distances between rail posts and divide by 3”.  The result is the number required for stairs. Add deck spindle requirements to stair spindle requirements.  That is your total. You may want to purchase a few extra spindles just in case your measurements aren’t exact.


6. Can I cut off the ends or bend them to fit if there is not enough space?

Yes. The steel baluster or spindle is not difficult to cut through with a metal snip cutter.


7. Do you have longer or shorter versions?

Yes! We offer different sizes.

The B-24 Stratospindle length is 24-1/2” long when flanges are hand bent for installation. They are screwed between upper and lower wooden rails (typically 2x4’s).

The B-29 Stratospindle length is 29-1/2” long when flanges are hand bent and are screwed between the underside of wooden guard rails (typically 2x6’s) and the top side of wooden lower rails (typically 2x4’s).

If you are interested in a different size please contact us at or by phone 1.800.244.0744.


8. Is the StratoSpindle easy to install?

Yes.  Spacing is predetermined by hand bent flanges and so you do not have to measure and scribe lines for spacing.  The StratoSpindles interlock so you do not have to use chalk lines for centering.  Since the StratoSpindles butt to rail posts and then each other, you will not need a plumb bob.  Instruction sheets are provided for you in every box of spindles to make installation even simpler.


9Are any special tools needed for installation?

No.  Just the basics…  A tape measure to measure distances between rail posts, a hammer to seat and start screws and a hand drill to drive screws into your wood.  However, you will need a T-25 6-lobe bit to drive the screws and we recommend an extended driver and swivel coupler to make things easier for you when working on stair inclines.   These are all inexpensive readily found at any hardware or building store.


10. Can I pick these up and save on shipping if I live near Milwaukee or Minocqua?

Yes. Spindles are shipped out of the Milwaukee area and also out of the Minocqua area in Wisconsin. Contact us to order.


11. How soon will they arrive if I order off this website?

Your spindles will arrive by UPS in 2-4 weeks of ordering.


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