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Steel Spindles – Before & After Deck Makeover


Want to increase your home’s value without spending a lot of time and money? 


    The answer is to repaint your home’s exterior and modernize your deck.  While repainting, or residing is the obvious, decks are often overlooked despite a monetary return of 5 – 10 times the investment.  Studies conducted by the Home Association Agency show that a new and fresh looking deck can take 10 years off the look of a home.

The most effective and simplest method to update an existing deck – without tearing it down and rebuilding – is simply to install the new contemporary, low profile, stainless steel Stratospindles.

The installation of the Stratospindle is easy and can be done by one person.  Simply remove old nasty looking
wooden spindles, cut and fit a new wooden base rail (often using old wood spindles) and screw down rows of new Stratospindles.  You won’t need to purchase kits, tracks, posts or use cables, turnbuckles, machine screws, grommets, nuts, bolts and washers.  There is no need to measure, lay chalk lines, or use a carpenter’s level or plumb linesteelspindles , metal deck baluster, DIY deck, deck redo, stratospindle,Before & After Deck Makeover.  The Stratospindle is self-locating and automatically provides you with a 3-3/4” spacing.  Simply butt the first Stratospindle to a corner or newel post and screw it down with the unique zip point screws that come to you in a box of 25 spindles.  Now just position the following Stratospindles against the first, screw down the flanges and continue on until you complete the row.  Step and stair inclines are made easy by just hand bending the Stratospindle end flanges to match the angles of your new base rail and hand rails.  Nothing is easier.



The photos below show a lake cottage that was updated with Stratospindles.  The whole job took less than 4 hours which included the removal of the old wood spindles.  For easier installation on the steps, the Stratospindle was simply screwed down flat to the stair stringers and hand rail ledger board.  Simple, huh?


steel spindles , deck makeover, stratospinde


steel spindles, deck makeover, stratospindle



Oh yeah, the Stratospindle is guaranteed for 50 years and will never fade, rust, splinter or warp.  They are maintenance free and will not require staining, repainting, or power washing.  Snow can be shoveled right through them.  Also leaves and small twigs can be swept or blown off through them.  You’re gonna love ‘em.

To order…………………………………. The Stratospindle is not available through big box stores.  Stratospindles are manufactured in the good ole USA – Wisconsin. 

Redoing your deck with the StratoSpindle is about the easiest upgrade to your deck you can make. It it does not take much time and much less expensive than replacing your whole deck or even part of your deck with a deck railing kit. Not only will you be updating the look of your deck, but you’ll also reduce the amount of maintenance. If you are looking for a DIY project, this could be the next one to try.           


The StratoSpindle comes in boxes of 25 and individually so you can order exactly what you need. The StratoSpindle comes with Bronze Plated screws but you can also choose Stainless Steel screws for an additional price. 

If you have redone your deck with Steel Spindles products, please send us your pictures so we can feature them on the website.

steelspindles , metal deck baluster, DIY deck, deck redo, stratospindle

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